Hey Look... Andy's PODCASTIC!

Back in December of 2017 my good friend Brennen Lukas asked me to participate in a new project of his, a little something called GOAL MAGIC.  GM is a project he's working on with his good friend Cynthia Spitalny designed at bringing a bit of positivity into the world, initially through their podcast but also with more longterm ambitions.  They're endeavoring to bring together the voices of people who seem to be enjoying their lives, whether because of success in their career or by other means, and find the commonalities within these individuals that allow them to accomplish their goals on whatever scale they're working.  Then, encouraging others to pursue their own.  Brennen is one of my favorite people and happens to be co-founder of Whipped Bakeshop in Philadelphia where his wife masterminds the most amazing custom baked goods you've ever seen.  Whatever reticence I had about participating, I knew that if Brennen was involved it could only be a positive thing.

Brennen caught me in the wake of just having gotten married, continuing my transition to a new work environment and on the eve of my band's reunion show in late December of last year.  It's safe to say that we got together at a time and a place that feels stable but not stagnant, secure but also exciting.  Brennen asked a lot of questions and I did my best to respond as best I could on the spot.  You can be the judge of just how I did by giving it a listen.

I'm grateful for the conversation because it's spawned a lot of things to consider since.  Immediately upon reflecting I started trying to identify other avenues in which to focus my interests and energies and maybe that's the whole point... what's next?  It's been the catalyst for the VELOSHOTS photo series on this blog and whatever that turns into more longterm.  As you'll hear, I've never lived my life in pursuit of brass rings.  I tend to focus on the thing in front of me, try to succeed in the shortest of terms and then hope the next challenge presents and on and on.  It's worked for me.  My life is not without its failures but it's also not rife with regrets.

I don't know that my story is particularly exciting or inspiring, but if you want to hear about how a kid goes from playing in indie bands in Philadelphia to managing a Visual Effects Studio in Hollywood, this might be worth a listen.  We talk bikes, music, broken bones, post-production, ambition and lack thereof.  If you have a minute give a listen.  If not to me, then there are a number of people with ACTUAL skills featured in other episodes which might be worth lending an ear to.  I hope you do.