How to Celebrate National Bubble Bath Day

Did you know that January 8 is National Bubble Bath Day?  No you didn't, of course, but only a person with a pathological obsession with baths would know such a thing and that's most definitely not you - you're casual to infrequent bather at best, am I right? Not me.  I'm the person who has to stop herself from taking multiple baths per day (unlike Emma Watson) and can easily spend several hours submerged in hot water with a book.  I never worry about marinating in my own filth because actual dirty days are for showers.  Baths are for relaxing and hiding from worldly concerns and using a variety of normal- to question-able wellness remedies to boost happiness and the glow-y properties of one's skin.

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The above tub is not my tub, but rather one of the tubs of my dreams that I sometimes look at longingly online. 

I have lived several places with claw-foot tubs and they are still the benchmark of luxurious to me, though I am not currently in possession of one.  My Mom used to like a bath, and I may have picked this habit up from her, though likely she was on a quest at the time for some peace and quiet that I'm sure I was interrupting.  We had cats back then, and they would always do a precarious walk around the edge of the tub, tight-roping so close to an edge that always ended badly.

So, I would be remiss if I didn't share with you my most favorite bath time products, which I enjoy with a healthy dose of indulgence in the magical healing properties of salts and essential oils and powdered substances. 

The Basics

Epsom Salts: reputedly good for easing joint and muscle pain, skin conditions, and introducing trace minerals back into the skin

Mustard Bath: soothing for colds and congestion, as well as sore muscles; induces sweating

Baking Soda: alkalizes and softens skin; eases skin irritations

Powdered Milk: moisturizes, softens and mildly exfoliates skin; eases irritations

These four ingredients can be used in combination and are the main ingredients in most "soak" products you'll see on sale!

Bubble Bath: for obvious reasons

Almond Oil: moisturizing oil excellent for skin and as a carrier oil for essential oils to minimize skin irritations

Lavender Oil: for relaxation and skin calming (use only in combination with a carrier oil)

Eucalyptus Oil: refreshing, sinus-clearing; when used with lavender oil (and another carrier oil) this will result in what you'll think of a "spa scent"

Exfoliation Mitts: get that dead skin off!

Foot Pumice: don't forget calluses, which will be getting soft in that hot water

Korean Sheet Masks: for moisturizing your face and taking selfies

Hair Mask: don't forget the tresses

Serious Amateur Upgrades

Bath Caddy: to keep that wine and book from slipping into the water

Herbal Soak: upgraded bath soak ingredients, including dried flowers and charcoal, for greater "detoxing" and pretty colors

Charcoal Mask: greater skin clarifying

Coconut Bath Soak: soften your skin whilst closing your eyes and pretending you are in Hawaii

Indulgent Professional Investments

Detox Soak: if you can make it through a regular mustard bath without batting an eye, upgrade to a more powerful combination that might make you tingle

Fig Honey Soak: because dipping into the pot with that little honey scooper is so fun!

Body Oil: to smell like a million bucks and feel like you're made of silk

Coffee Scrub: for a mean exfoliation - great to be done right before applying said body oil

-- Addie