Somethings & Nothings: January 18, 2018

My pottery classes begin tonight, and although I could not be more excited, I'm also secretly afraid that I'll be terrible and no one will talk to me.  Trying new things, ammiright?  Tomorrow we're checking out Zebulon, at last, to see Julie Byrne perform and otherwise the weekend is looking pretty nice just one more day away.


We were walking down the street on Saturday and I cracked up laughing just thinking about this listicle of Things Millennials Are Killing.  Cereal?  Hardly.  Who shall mourn the passing of Buffalo Wild Wings?

I 100% follow this rabbit on Instagram, and let me tell you, he's the highlight of every damn day.  I'm still trying to warm up Andy's cold, dead, rabbit-hating heart on this issue, but how ingenious is his very chic hutch?

The breakfast feast!  If you know my propensity for photographing my fried eggs and oatmeal bowls, you know I'm all in on this. I've been cutting down on snacking over the years and am most successful at it when I'm not working in an office, but am in full agreement with "scientists" (those scare quotes are facetious) that a solid protein-inclusive breakfast makes a huge difference in the day.

We're still in the process of recapping our honeymoon jaunt through Europe for you, but this article on how to travel with wine in your suitcase was pretty clutch in helping me get through bottles of wine across the Atlantic unbroken.  I opted for these, but if I'd had my druthers, I would've gotten this.

I'm barely getting the hang over pour over and now I already want to try making Cuban Coffee in the espresso maker we picked up in Turin. It, like my Instant Pot, makes me fearful of exploding the kitchen, but based on the sugar to coffee ratio here, I feel like it might be worth it.

Find sexy lingerie for your Valentine at NORDSTROM.

Did you ever have to memorize poetry in school? I absolutely did not, as long as you exclude the kindergarten poem about snowflakes that I once had to recite at a holiday performance, which I am excluding on the basis of ridiculousness.  Apparently I was really missing out on this.

I started making rice on the regular again in December when I had a stomach flu and white rice was at the top of every recommendation list - and, let's be real, after our trip to Japan reminded me how insanely delicious it is.  Cardamom and Tea does a great breakdown on the secret tricks to making the perfect pot of rice. Don't stir!

Hot tips from the Times on what changes you can expect in the travel business in 2018 - major bullet points include the laws that are about to require everyone have smart IDs and that will prohibit the use of "Smart Suitcases" as fire hazards.  Lucky for us the Away carry-on we received and absolutely love makes their battery easily removable.

Hysterical comedy from a 1940s pamphlet on how to manage women in the workplace.  Both deeply ridiculous and simultaneously solid management advice for persons of any gender.  We're totally teachable, you guys!

A short video of a man perfectly dissecting a pomegranate, while wearing a white T-shirt no less!  Kitchen goals.

My Dad had the flu pretty bad over the holidays and so this article on the best methods to treat it caught my eye.  Seems like fluids, fresh air and not laying down all day so your lungs don't collapse are pretty much the only things you can do.  Drink your elderberry syrup and just don't contract it maybe.

Manchego versus manchego in the transcontinental cheese face off of the modern era!  Lawsuits aside: manchego from Spain is a protected entity that has to be made through certain means and is also very expensive, and manchego from Mexico is a cheaper version that represents a lot of the capitalist colonialist enterprises of the latter day Western hemisphere.  Know what you're paying for, but cheese is delicious, so eat whichever you like.

Maybe it's because I grew up frequenting diners, but I just don't buy that "all day cafes" are a thing, let a lone that they are changing the face of dining.  Whatever gets me an egg at 4:30 PM is fine with me though, so I'm not going to argue.  I obviously say this while I'm sitting at Silver Lake Coffee trying to rush my onion bagel order through at 4:45 before they close.

Something that keeps me awake night - properly backing up our photography through means that are protected, secure and fail safe.  Just to put all of our minds at ease: no such thing exists.  We're using double external hard drives right now and sometimes I push things to the cloud but not in any organized fashion. 

And last but not least - an emotional "Dear Polly" article on whether or not a person should have children.  It didn't bring me to tears as completely as the corresponding letter to "Dear Sugar," did, but it was close.

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