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Somethings + Nothings: August 10 2017

Addie ManisComment
Somethings + Nothings: August 10 2017

August.  The sunset of summer.  The yearly calendar equivalent of a month-long Sunday.  When the long dips into evening take on a melancholy tone, as the carefree days come to a close.

Or maybe you were working on a difficult project all summer long and there were no carefree days but now the project is sort of coming to a finish and August is opening back up as a last gasp to actually enjoy some summer.  You know, to swim in the ocean and then eat some watermelon and think up ways to make sloppy joes at home and make them into a meal that actual adults should be eating.   Maybe you got a glut of blueberries from a coworker in exchange for an overflowing peach harvest and now it's all you can do to figure out how many ways you can bake them into things.  Who's to say?

Here's hoping your August is starting more blueberry pie and less Sunday Scaries.

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a bit of hilarity on the anxiety of how best to drink coffee - I'm still in a French Press zone and I refuse to give it up no matter how much sludge appears at the bottom of my morning cups

the relocation of the Tsukiji fish market has still not transpired, and I can't say I'm sad about it because we had an overwhelming experience in the old building and we'd both hate to see it go

I tried this trick to clear up space on my iPhone and it works and I didn't even have to really rent "Gone with the Wind" to make it happen

Andy and I have both been living in the Air Crew Tee from Everlane this hot, humid summer

great things about Philadelphia on Apartment Therapy last week

I'm hoping to catch the Shakespeare happening in Griffith Park this summer and you probably should too, kids included

a sneak peak inside LA's Magic Castle - I've never been but maybe this is something we should start treating visiting family to...

Mindy Kaling owns this fabulous home in our old neighborhood and I couldn't be more jealous of her backyard or her comedic talent

writing a cookbook features regularly in my fantasy life, but apparently it's not the easy-living and financial windfall I like to pretend it is

everyone coming to our wedding, get reading to not see some of these things

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