Somethings + Nothings: July 18, 2017

We're deep in to mid-summer now and in many of the best ways possible it is beginning to feel like we've rounded a few corners.  Andy's arm has been healing post-accident and he's beginning to regain mobility and about to start physical therapy.  We finally managed to purchase a car, replacing the Corolla I've been driving with sometimes dubious legality since the mid-aughts.  Wedding decisions are getting themselves made, despite my best efforts to put them off forever.  We even booked flights for a three week honeymoon in Europe.  With Andy's office staffing in full swing, and my Imax project in delivery mode, we're seeing a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. 

an easy corn soup that brings the essential tastes of summer to dinner time

a photo essay on Anna Wintour's enviable wild garden

on the linguistic reasons Jane Austen was so ahead of her time

we've got Japanese knives but apparently we need some German ones too

on the pursuit of happiness and how we're actually ruining it for ourselves

this berry four milk cake is in our fridge right now and it is magnificent

a beginner's guide to biking to work - easier than you think (but still sometimes scary)

a supermodel's take on why her move to America forced her into feminism

haycations - a more realistic way to indulge my farming urges than actually farming

a trailer for Season 2 of "Master of None" because it's delightful and melancholy and Italian