somethings + nothings: March 8, 2017

I've been trying to walk outside in the sunshine more often.  It seems like both a physical and metaphorical solution to the general anxiety pervading so much of society and daily life these days.  Even the most casual interactions are permeated by news snippets, and while trying to log 10,000 steps outside every day is doing nothing to help heal the world's ills, it does go a long way to stretching my limbs, stepping away from devices, and catching up with friends or - and I realize this isn't really stepping away from a device - taking in a long podcast.  There's something infinitely thoughtful and meditative about listening to long-form narrative while strolling the LA River or the Chandler Bike Path and getting some fresh air.  I'm still listening to my old stand bys, but recently included "A Time and a Plate," which has reminded me how much I love food writing, and is inspiring me to read and write more of it myself. 

Things to occupy your Friday:

Just finished reading Lindy West's "Shrill," wherein I fell completely in love with her and set up a google alert so I never again miss any of her writings.

Last week I baked us Fix Feast Flair's Cardamon Orange Buns before we declared #healthymarch and I made this Spanish Chickpea dish and Cabbage Potato Gratin to handle some produce overload.

Have been listening to this Amazon Prime's Instant Play on repeat.  Lots of good albums on there for calm working mornings.  Drafted a list out of The New Darlings' recommendations.

25 Women on Female Friendship in honor of Lauren's visit to the Southland this week

Science says we have a chance to learn from our mistakes and better ourselves as people

It also says we're completely terrible at assessing risk  in our own lives

I smell weddings photos - Angels' Flight to reopen this fall

Putting this Death Valley road trip on the agenda

Rebecca Traister on the astounding timeliness of "The Handmaid's Tale" - Hulu series starting soon and one of my most favorites

Porto's - come have weekday lunch with me and experience this place because it is right across the street from my new office and I will eat mashed potato balls until I explode