Somethings + Nothings: November 17, 2017

Somethings + Nothings: November 17, 2017

We're in deep fall now, there's no denying it.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner, holiday decorations are appearing everywhere and darkness rolls in by 5:00 PM every evening.  It's time for snuggling and soup-eating and lighting all the candles around the house at the same time until you realize you've got a headache from all the conflicting scents.  I've been busy perfecting my grandmother's pierogi recipe (slash trying to get it even in the ballpark of what I remember from my childhood), sorting through wedding and honeymoon photos, and attending more than a few wine tastings at our local wine shop, Silver Lake Wine.


I use Instacart on the regular - I even placed an order on my phone while waiting for a flight in Copenhagen so I'd have milk for coffee when we arrived at home after our honeymoon - but I've never thought about what the shoppers might be experiencing.

Speaking of coffee, The Kitchn did a round-up for the best grocery store coffees available.

The New Yorker on The Joy of Not Wearing a Bra.  I feel strongly that we've all been convinced we need something that we don't actually really need other than to change the shape our boobs and make them comfort more to someone else's idea of sexual attractiveness, but I will admit I say this as a fairly modestly endowed woman.  I do encourage you to take that thing off.

I bought some new items at Trader Joe's recently, including the Umami Paste, which I have no idea what to do with.  Bon Appetit to the rescue.

When we were in Japan last year, we marveled at everyone, including the elderly, squatting with ease.  Turns out we should all be sitting in this position.

Dean and DeLuca

I'm rich, you're rich, we're all rich.  We're not the 1%, but what are we - the 10%?  The 5%? You're reading this on the internet during your leisure time, yes?  A little gratitude and acknowledgement of this wouldn't hurt most of us.  The New York Times urges us to stop pretending we're not rich.

A fascinating breakdown of the costs and work required to write a cookbook, even though this remains one of my dreams.  Looks like it should be on my list of things I shouldn't be doing just for the money.

Erin Boyle gives us some book ideas for kids with topics on race and social justice, just in time for holiday gifting season.

The ultimate guide on how to properly take care of your clothes.  Hand-washing to the rescue.

Humorous article from Business Insider on the many things Millennials may be killing in the business world.  I mean, call me of my generation, but is anyone going to miss Applebees?

White Wine Glasses, Red Wine Glasses