10 Podcasts I Am Currently Digging

Podcasts!  Everyone has their favorite nowadays, right?  Even when you're just listening to an NPR show on your computer because you happen to not be driving at the time it airs?  An assistant on one of my last shows accused me of listening to "intellectual podcasts" (said with a sneer even though she has quite a few years more schooling than I do) but in fact most of the podcasts I listen to are either about food or lefty politics with a high level of cussing.  Various levels of #NSFW below.

Bon Appétit Foodcast - for some reason Bon Appétit magazines started showing up at our apartment in Andy's name and this miraculously coincided with one of my favorite women of the internet, Marissa A. Ross, getting a column so now I'm all in on this old standard

Food52's Burnt Toast - even though I peruse the site on the regs, I actually found this while e-stalking Molly Yeh at my desk one day

Call Your Girlfriend - I quit following a bunch of the "wellness" podcasts out there after giving them a few week's shot because I couldn't get over my own distaste for the uptalk and fixation on astrology.  Luckily these two ladies are the antidote to any lurking tendency in feminist pop culture to veer into the superficial.  Every time I listen I wish I was hanging out with them.

Dear Sugar Radio - in case "Tiny Beautiful Things" moved you to tears as it did me

#GirlBoss Radio - NastyGal founder Sophia Amoruso is a contentious figure in some circles, but I find her interviews with legit boss ladies in various fields to be serious, releatable and inspiring.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin - despite a propensity for reading every internet listicle about productivity that I come across, I am actually not that interested in anything self-help related, but I love this insightful podcast by writer Gretchen Rubin, in no small part because it is co-hosted by her TV writer sister and their family banter makes me happier all on it's own

Radio Cherry Bombe - Obviously I have a recurring subscription to this biannual small press magazine that focuses on women and food, but the podcast is a weekly dose of the semi-anarchist spirit of this sexy little upstart.

Slate's Podcast Series - Old granddad of them all!  It's been years since they started and I listen to nearly all of them, but my favorites are the Double X Gabfest, Culture Gabfest, and even though I do not yet and may never have any children, Mom and Dad Are Fighting, because I love all that inside dish family foible stuff, especially when expounded upon by thoughtful parents trying to do the right thing and admitting when they don't.

Refinery29's Strong Opinions Loosely Held - A new to me podcast.  I am not a regular reader of Refinery29, but this thoughtful 20 minute podcast makes me think I should be.  A bit in the John Oliver vein, they take an issue each week and explore it as deeply as possible.

Tiny Spark - And here is the one that might be verging on "intellectual."  A short (usually 15 minute) essay each week on a topic in philanthropy proving that nothing in life is simple.

-- Addie