somethings + nothings: September 17, 2016

It was Andy's birthday this week so we had revelry.   We ate lamb and tuna and oyster and a pasta that was lit on fire before our very eyes at Le Petit Paris in Downtown LA, selected largely because I could get a reservation on extremely short notice as I was derelict in birthday duties this year.  Then we uber'd over to Button Mash, the surprise second location, where all of his friends who were able to meet us on very short notice surprised him by acknowledging the non-milestone year and where a group of people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s all played arcade games and ate cupcakes.  Cupcakes that were thankfully provided by dear friend Kim as again, I was derelict.  Shameful. 

I am most definitely in my Joan Didion phase of life.  Here she is, circa 1977.

Guess what, California!  You are not common law married!

Millennials aren't so different.  Maybe they're just poor?

Rando police officers get to decide on a whim if your rape was really a rape.  Seriously.

I refuse to prepare for the Hilary backlash.  Forward and only forward.

Apparently we really do need that rental car insurance.  Bummer.

Life advice - if you possibly can, always choose time over money.  One is a resource that cannot be replenished.

German versus Japanese knives!  Now we'll need a German one.

Your stupid brain thinks it is starving when you are thinking and is forcing you to eat all the office snacks even when you haven't gotten off your lazy ass in six hours.  Or is that just me?

And most importantly, a map of peak fall!  This says our SoCal leaves will hit late October, but we've got to get to the mountains very soon to pick all the apples.  What a topsy turvy world.