somethings + nothings: August 10, 2016

This photo is from South Carolina, rather than London.  London photos have been slow-going.  Working remotely is harder than the internet would have you believe, especially when you take on jetlag that has you awake every morning from 1 AM to 4 AM (not productive working hours, no matter how "awake" you feel at the time) and an AirBnB with some water and electrical problems needing daily maintenance.  But I'm looking for a few hours each day to kick around, whether that means reading a book for an hour in Regent's Park or hoofing it down to Borough Market for scoping out produce even though our kitchen is not in working order.  The Tate Modern and the Charles Dickens Museum are both on this year's agenda, and taking in a screening of a drama (not a musical - never a musical!) on the West End would be ideal as well.  We will see if my time management skills are up to it.

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