somethings + nothings: July 5th, 2016

Three day weekends!  So filled with promise and yet so often leading into a shortened work week in which five days of work must be accomplished in four.  We did some eating of "American" food this weekend (pizza at Pizzanista, burgers on the gorgeous Eveleigh patio), some planning to do some wedding planning at some future date, did a lot of Tour de France watching (and a bit of actual riding), went to see "The Lobster," danced a bit at Akbar, witnessed an LBC brawl at Fern's Cocktails, and even cleaned out a closet or two.  I'd say that's more than enough activity for a single 72 hour span. 
Here's hoping your work week starts with a good caffeine kick, mild weather, and no pressing deadlines.

cordcutters, fret not - full episodes "unReal" season 2 are readily available online

I've been sporting the bare eyelashes trend for the last three years - glad the rest of you are coming around

there's been much debate on the merits of this season of "Game of Thrones" in our circle and I am firmly on the side of the "this one is better" argument

eating like a medieval lord

the waitstaff sees you checking your tinder while your date is in the bathroom and they do not approve

the jacaranda blooms that define LA are imports, just like all the rest of us

big fan of the argument that practice, rather than the ambiguous notion of talent, makes for success

all the wine slushies to take you from now to Labor Day

-- Addie