somethings + nothings: July 30, 2016

We find ourselves preparing for work travels again.  Trying to get ahead of the upcoming deadlines, launder all the linens, procure car storage, stop the mail.  There's been a lot of that this summer.  Feels as if it was April and then I turned around and it was August.  We're making a dash to do some wedding planning tomorrow - a looming project that feels more cumbersome than pleasurable so far, at least to me.  Perhaps venue scouting in the mountains will make it feel more like a concrete party and less like an enormous and expensive expenditure of both money and energy.  Otherwise, I am trying to eat all the berries and watermelon before we head to climes more Atlantic.

-- Addie

the Harvard Business Review on how to put the right amount of pressure on your team

36 Hours in Los Angeles, which is exactly how much time it feels like I've been here this summer

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on the myth of the 8-hour work day, sans my pondering who ever had this to begin with

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everyone lies to avoiding hanging out with each other, but let's all pretend we don't know this

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don't be authentic; be sincere