somethings + nothings: July 23, 2016

We've been overcome with work responsibilities!  Andy has been busily wrapping out of one company and readying himself to begin with another, while I dove headfirst out of my post-vacation stupor into a number of projects that have been keeping me awake at nights with to do lists running through my head, and most recently, took me to Rock Hill, South Carolina, for a week of tech scouts and production meetings.  Travel and a week of separation seems charming, like one of those "absence makes the heart grow fonder" scenarios where we return again after the week with our affection for each other renewed (this is certainly a thing that happens) but the absence of our daily routines and casual affections kick my innate anxiety into overdrive.  Essentially, I lose all ability to keep work strain in perspective and regress five years back in my stress management skills.  I'm happy to back home.

Rather than pontificating on the minor cultural shock I experienced during five days in South Carolina, I'll just leave you with some links and the above photos of some summer blooms along a lake in York, SC.  It's Saturday, after all, and we can leave the heavy lifting for another day.

love the idea of these candles but was hoping for something more Pocono-related

great flavor on these popsicles, but recommend using Greek yogurt like she suggests

food is not healthy.  only people are healthy.

speaking of: how to store everything from your farmer's market haul

how studying the humanities makes us human beings (it's not about getting a job)

an interview on essay on the origin of the single best thing you can eat in Los Angeles

on Tami Taylor and the power of casual gratitude

the secret to happiness?  working hard towards excellence on a meaningful project

someone in my apartment can't stop himself from eating these by the boxfull

attachment theory.  or how our parents teach us the world is safe or dangerous.

going to need to get out the pasta maker and give this spaghetti and clams dish a go