somethings + nothings: June 23, 2016

Have I complained enough about the jet lag yet to put you entirely off reading this blog?  Conventional wisdom says that it takes the same amount of days to get back on track as number of hours you crossed in the sky, but in the case of Los Angeles:Tokyo, I'm not certain if that results in 8 days or 16 days.  In the spirit of optimism and the fact that it took us 7 or 8 days to acclimate on the Asian side, I'm hopeful that both of us will be back on track this weekend and I can kiss my alert 4 AMs and drowsy 3 PMs goodbye.  But in less mundane news, how about the House sit-in?  While I do not aspire to turn this blog into a political rant, because I spent a few hours watching televised news this week and I think ranting in general might be the death of America, it seems hopeful that some important issues of our times may be pushed forward enough that they get past the point of loud contention and into the arena of actual discussion.  We shall see.

popsicle week has got me browsing new kitchen equipment and considering a new summer habit

going to implement a #scrubday since freelancing has got my weekly rhythms all confused

articles about how miserable American parents are super confusing in my mid-30s

speaking of working freelance, single-tasking is keeping me from going insane

Modern Farmer on getting your caffeine fix with a clean conscience

just checked this out of the library and will be reading it as soon as I finish this