somethings + nothings: June 19, 2016

We have returned safely from Japan to Los Angeles, where we were greeted with stolen mail and an all-consuming jet-lag that has us staggering through the early summer heat wave like disoriented and time sick.  Back to work it is for both of us tomorrow, while tonight we will be drowning our post-vacation dizziness in Sunday night television and an ovenless supper of rotisserie chicken from the Larchmont Village Farmers Market atop this summer panzanella, with calls to fathers all around. 

Happy Sunday, folks.  We'll be slavishly bringing all our Japan photos and posts together for you as soon as we get our heads out of the time travel muck.

does anyone really like snapchat?

Anne Lamott giving us all a kick in the pants

ladies with cameras at the fore

rosé all day - what pink to drink this summer

on how my Dad nailed it with the in-home library while raising three kids

a video that cracks the surface on one of the many reasons we're finding wedding planning so miserable

on why we're hamstrung in our affordable apartment in a tony neighborhood here in LA - no second bedroom or outdoor space on the horizon for us

the art of the stroll