somethings + nothings: December 27, 2016

We are on the East Coast for the Holiday Grand Tour 2016, where it is not at all snowy, but we're still spending all of our time in pajamas around a Christmas Tree - so all things considered, the basic seasonal needs are being met.  We've driven all up and down the land, seen all the relatives, eaten all the pastries and all the cheeses, and on Wednesday we'll be returning to the West Coast to find some greens and hopefully pick up keys for a house we may have purchased whilst on our international galavants.  Some reads below, to occupy your betwixt-the-celebrations hours.

a buddhist monk explains mindfulness

on the increasing appeal of california - come on out, the water's fine

poké is our new favorite thing and we already feel terrible about it

joan didion forever and ever, amen

during this season of giving, we can stop giving those canned goods

get those passport forms in the mail - soon we will all need them for everything

chimamanda ngozi adichie is on my girl crush list for 2016

we just left Philadelphia but apparently we have to get back quick to eat all the things

download the DoneGood app to put your money where your mouth is

Irin Carmon on why putting ladies on pedestals is for the birds

come to LA - eat high end meals in strip malls - question everything you think about life

glühwein!  we've got official mugs from the Stuttgart christkindlmarkt if you want to get fancy about it.