somethings + nothings: November 18, 2016

We are about to jet across the country again, kicking off a holiday season that will see us in and out of Los Angeles no less than three different times.  This initial trip takes us to Southern Illinois for a week to visit my Dad for Thanksgiving, where we will be joined by my brother and his own partner-in-crime.  While the Mid-West in November isn't exactly the postcard Winter Wonderland, we're looking forward to a week of reading books and watching movies in pajamas and just being together.

ways to make your week feel more like the weekend, courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere

making some Good Trouble in the service of civil disobedience

the kitchn explains the difference between white, yellow and vanilla cakes

on reading not only frequently, but deeply

goals for 2017 - tackling some of the 67-mile newly opened Backbone Trail

this adorable lady from Iceland on why politics needs more women to lead like women

hoping this article means I'm going to get much longer legs in my old age

a long piece from The Guardian on why bad ideas refuse to die

the always lovely Erin Boyle speaking on motherhood and minimalism

and last but least, can turmeric cure all the damage we're about to inflict upon ourselves this holiday season?