what we see and do along the way



NOUN a member of the middle class, as in, a person whose political, economic, and social opinions are believed to be determined mainly by concern for property values and conventional respectability

ORIGIN Middle French, 1555-65: from Latin, ‘wheat.’

the cruise directors

coming to terms with what we've become.

It happens when you're not looking.  One day you're touring the country in a van in indie rock obscurity, or you're hustling as a PA in a 3rd tier market managing sewage clean-up for a reality TV show.  Before you know it you've forged a career, moved across the country and discovered a paradise of creativity, fine cuisine and some epic cycling.  

The Bouge Cruise documents the things we find on our journey together.  We're just two east coast ex-pats exploring southern California and beyond.  We're Addie and Andy and we'll keep you posted as we find our way.





bougie |bo͞oʹzhē|

ADJECTIVE aspiring to a higher class than one is to the point of snobbery, used in relation to the conspicuous consumption of the urban upper-middle class

ORIGIN early 21st century American slang


  • breakfast
  • hikes
  • farmers' markets
  • world travels


  • the man
  • aggressive drivers
  • late nights
  • societal expectations

Points of Disagreement

  • stinky cheese
  • peanut butter
  • benefits of stretching
  • sports on tv


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